The Beers, they are a changin'

The Contented Cow has some good beers on! 
Summit Brewing Company's 30th Anniversary Double IPA, their Pilsner, and their Oatmeal Stout! 
Empyrean Brewing Co's "Carpe Brewem" Rype IPA
Olvalde Farm & Brewing Company's "Rolling Stoner" Elderflower Ale (Yes, Olvalde on draft!)
Stone Brewing's IPA
F-Town Brewing Company's "Nutso" brown ale
Lucid (North Loop BrewCo) FOTO IPA
Founders Brewing Co.'s "Dirty Bastard" Scottish Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Company's Conway Irish Ale
Sierra Nevada's "Otravez" Sour Ale
Blue Moon Brewing Company's Belgian Wheat Ale


See you at the Cow! 

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