Happy Thanksgiving!

Join us for our Annual "Northfield Social" with live music beginning at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday night, November 26th -- and that we're OPEN ON THANKSGIVING DAY -- as we are on every day of the year!

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    Mary (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 10:40)

    I applaud you for bringing in controversial speakers like Jim Fetzer. Perhaps you could also bring in a bereaved parent from Sandy Hook to explain where they have stashed their child after staging a funeral.

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    Angel C. (Tuesday, 27 January 2015 22:27)

    I Just finished reading and watching most of (how can you finish when it's ongoing) the information not only on Jim Fetzer's Veterans Today website but many other sources over a period of many, many years, of all the different events throughout our history, even before the internet. And it's very interesting to me is that Jim Fetzer isn't referred to as St. Jim for the truth he speaks. (As bad as it may hurt). The truth is what it is. I also finished reading the email exchanges he has posted and the emails to this establishment. What is really most interesting is that Alan Rubenstein a Hanson Scholar for Ethical Inquiry, doesn't want anyone to inquire about specific events of our past? Someone that threatens a mans business, and lively hood, then tells his friends to do the same is rather, well, childish to say the least, especially to defend the lies they were taught as children, and even as adults. This is 2015! How little some who claim to be Americans seem to have learned about the past, about protecting our nation from enemies both international but domestic too! These people that sent these emails sound like thugs! Like terrorist themselves! (Terrorists and thugs don't want the truth to be known).
    The actual evidence will lead us to truth. The evidence to date has shown long ago that the holocaust figure of 6 million is untrue long before Jim came along. Anyone that would get so defensive to defend a historical inaccuracy such as this is as Alan puts it a "desecration of the memories of innocent lives". And makes him look rather foolish. Same with 911 or SH, the evidence will lead to the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts. If you do invite Jim to speak, I will come. And if you "allow" Alan (the lie believer) to speak I'll come too. Works both ways. I for sure want to here from Bill.

    And Norman, don't let them thugs or any others threaten you or your business. Call the police! There are laws...
    Love ya,

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